Bohlokoa Studio was opened in September 2003 as a ceramic studio, teaching ceramics to adults and children.  Production of art and décor pieces started in 2008 with the range extended to include household items in 2009. In August 2011 the ceramic light range was launched with great success and remains the most successful line. Despite difficult economic challenges since 2018, the company has scaled down on production maintaining relationships with current local and international clients.  To compete locally and internationally and stay abreast of trends the studio will add woodfired items from April 2020 to the product list.  Since the lockdown, we have embarked on avenues to sustain the business and retain the employees, smaller items were produced and sold online, and a part-time painting assistant started a new range of surface development which we want to launch this season.


To become a production studio supplying work of international standard to local and international markets.


To transfer skill and knowledge to a younger generation

To create opportunities for new artists and craftsmen/women

To embrace and uplift other small businesses in the same sector

To create an income to sustain a basic standard of living for those involved in the studio


  • Art objects of porcelain and bone china for exclusive Décor use
  • Bespoke Designer Light Shades/lights – Porcelain and Bone China – for exclusive décor use.
  • Utility range fired in reduction woodfired kiln to be supplied from April 2020, a unique firing method not commonly used in South Africa.
  • Brightly coloured painted items, still in the development phase

The studio has grown from strength to strength with numerous awards and an extending range of products developing from year to year.  Participation as a finalist in two international Ceramic Biennales in 2011, two in 2013 and one in 2015, brings international recognition to the art pieces, and export orders for USA and Canada confirmed the viability of the product with continuous orders to the USA until 2018.  The extended light range draws national and international enquiries and has a large scope for expansion.  2020 will be the focus year on product development particularly using the woodfired technique, a kiln is being built to compete with the trend internationally. 

The company has received support from the Department of Trade and Industry, NAC, SEDA and Department of Small Business Development to attend various shows and fairs which enabled the business to continue and sustain a constant development of products over the years.  Since the Covid lockdown, we had to be creative to sustain the business with the online store that was created, and it still operates successfully.  The current development plan will enable the product range to extend much wider and will bring a new dynamic to the studio product range with a focus on the designer lights and the brightly coloured African Big Five depictions.